Dark Queen_(0)

I panic, I can’t move my arms or legs… they’re tied to the bed I am laying on. I feel a cool breeze on my body, my mind races… no clothes, I’m naked! What’s happening, what’s going on I ask myself! I struggle to get myself untied, I pull and pull but the ties only tighten around my wrists and ankles. I start to scream for help but it’s useless no one is there. I hear a sound, what is it I wonder… then you speak, “relax little one”. I scream who’s there, what’s going, why am I here… no answer. I plead with you talk to me and still there is silence, my name is Cyn Dubrinsky and my family will be looking for me. I start to cry, begging you to explain what’s going on. Please release me; I haven’t seen your face… I won’t say anything to anyone just let me go. You break your silence and tell me, I know who you are and that none of what I said matters for I will be his in the end. I struggle with the ties again screaming “let me go”! You tell me that screaming will do no good for the room is sound proof. As for anyone looking for you, he knows that no one will come for me, for I am the last of my clan. I cry some more then feel your fingers wiping away my tears. I turn my head away, “don’t touch me… I will never be yours”. Yes you will, as far as who I am… I am a vampire, your lifemate and my name is Mick.
Fighting me will not solve anything; it will only make things harder for you. I ask why, why me… what do you want with me? I’ve been hunting you, following your every move… day after day. He trails his finger down my face towards my neck… so soft, you’re like silk. Please don’t touch me, you don’t want me… you laugh and say “yes I do want you”. You are the one I have been searching for, the one that will make me whole once more. Whole? What are you talking about? I have searched for the one… you are she. You are from the past lineage of the Dubrinsky clan; you carry their blood and their powers. I ask what powers? I have no powers… yes my last name is Dubrinsky but I have no powers. Innocent one, your powers were bound at infancy to keep you safe but I have known where you were all along. You come from a long line of vampires, your lineage is considered a royal one… you powers and heritage have been kept from you but no more. No it’s not possible I say, I am not a vampire but then I start to think of all the transfusions I have had with the excuse of blood related issues inherited from my family. I feel your hand caress my breast and your finger trace my nipple and I cringe not wanting to respond to your touch. You laugh once more… It useless to deny what you are feeling. I know that your body wants my touch and that you are craving something that has always been denied to you… the joy of feeding.
My thoughts are not my own anymore, I am believing you but fighting it at the same time. You let your finger trace my nipple once more before I feel the wetness of your tongue, I fight the feeling to respond but you read my thoughts and pull it into your mouth. I gasp as you suck on my nipple and let your other hand caress my other breast. My body begins to betray me and I respond to your touch and love play. I moan as you continue and beg you stop but you and I both know that my body is crying for more. Then it happens, I feel you scrape your teeth just above my breast but it feel sharper than anything I have felt before. Pain shoots through as I feel you sink your teeth into me; I then realize that you are what you say you are… I feel you sucking me and drinking from me. As you feed on me I feel this need, this want… I must have you. 
My body and senses are telling me to just let go and give into you but I still choose to fight you. You whisper in my ear “let go, you will be mine for eternity”. I feel your fingers trace my nether lips, up & down… letting one slide in slowly to explore my pussy. I feel your cock on my thigh and it feels so hard and I sense the heat coming from it, it’s not to be denied. I begin to ache; I hear your voice in my head… “Give in to me”. I relent and finally give in; I tell you yes I will be yours willingly. You pull off my blindfold and you are smiling, it is the first time seeing you and you are beautiful. 
As I take in your appearance, I see that you have dark long hair tied at the base of your neck; eyes that are a kaleidoscope of colors, skin that is almost translucent, your body is of medium build… you are perfect in every way. You begin to kiss me tenderly, as you do you go on to explain of my lineage and heritage. My family, my clan comes from a most royal line of vampires that ruled over the Carpathians for centuries. You begin to release my wrists and ankles, as you do you slide in between my legs and your cock is again by my thigh. You begin to kiss my body as you continue on as to the history of my clan. You have powers, you can see the future, read people’s minds, you can shape-shift and you can manipulate others to do you bidding… you can also erase the memories of others. I still do not believe that I have powers; he laughs… my silly innocent love. You do have them and I will help you regain them, I will undo the binding curse that was put upon you. You will take your rightful place as Queen of the Carpathians and I will be your King. I question you, is that all you want of me… I want more I want love. You respond by telling me that he is my lifemate and I his, there can be only one for each other.
My little one, when a Carpathian male turns 18 years of age, all color and emotions disappear from him. His life is not his own, he becomes a warrior for our king and so his life is a constant battle not only for his king but for himself. If he does not find his lifemate then the choice is his to be hunted by fellow warriors or end his existence by walking into the light, the sun. Why must he be hunted I ask. In response: males will turn into something horrific that will terrorize our world, the human world. When a male has found his mate all color returns to him as well emotions and so the danger of him turning into a monster lessens. Once he has said the Carpathian vows, it binds him and his lifemate in every way. They feel everything about each other… when they are hurt, when they are in need, when they are in danger. If death comes to one of them the other will no longer want to live, they would miss their other half too much. They are connected to each other as no normal human couples are connected. She becomes the light to his darkness, almost as an anchor to keep him from turning into a monster. You are that for me my little innocent, but there is more still. In order to complete the union we must exchange blood three times to solidify our mating.
As you say that I watch in awe as your fingernail begins to extend and you cut yourself on your chest, your hand grabs my head gently and you lead me to your chest and tell me drink. I’m mesmerized I lick a droplet then begin to suck and drink your blood; I listen to your voice as you say the vows but not in a language that I understand. You stop me from drinking anymore, I ask what language was he speaking and you reply Carpathian of course… you smile. You kiss me and I wrap my arms around your neck to pull you in deeper for a more passionate kiss. You begin to move so you are now in between my legs, I stop you to tell you that I am yet a virgin… you smile once more and tell me “I know”. You slide down my body to my pussy and without saying anything you begin to explore and feast on my nether lips. I am squirming now as I feel your tongue in me as well as your fingers… making me wet, so very wet for you. You slide back up and as you do you hook my legs with your arms and you slowly enter me. Pushing slowly, sliding in and out, and stretching me so that you can fit all the way in. I arch my back as you have broken that precious barrier and as you do, you lick my neck and sink your teeth into me. My eyes shoot open and all I see and feel is white heat lightning, it’s coursing through my body and I see it in my mind. You’re drinking of me and making love to me and it is incredible, I don’t want it to ever end. You lean back and you cut yourself once more, I need no invitation I kiss then lick and suck you as the feeling of you fucking me while I feed off of you drives me wild.

We begin to fuck in a frenzied state, not getting enough of one another. You pull out and I feel the loss of your cock in my pussy, I whimper but only to have you turn me over and slam into my pussy from behind. You pull me up towards your back only to grab my breast in one hand and finger my clit with the other… all the while I am pushing back, meeting you with each thrust into my pussy. You feel my release coming on, so you bend me back over and grab me by my hips and thrust and push in harder and deeper. I scream out MICK!!!! As I cum and it takes you over the edge you let forth your load, your cum shoots into my pussy and drowns it as it drips out of my pussy
We lay there intertwined with one another, I searching for my breath and you content now that our union is almost complete. You tell me that we only need on more blood exchange but warn me that soon after my body will begin to change. That I will begin to accept the Carpathian in me and so my body will change from human to true blood Carpathian. We look into each others eyes and the want for each other is there once more. We begin again but this time gentler for you know I am sore for it was my first time. Our kissing begins, I leaving feathery almost butterfly kisses all over your face then down your neck and chest. I explore your body wanting to kiss, lick, and caress every inch of you… then I reach your cock. I look at it in wonder, it big and thick… I start to lick it and you direct me as to how to pleasure your cock. I taste myself on it, I taste the saltiness on the head of your cock… it makes my body tremble with want. You guide my head closer and tell me to take his cock into my mouth, so thick and big but I do it nonetheless. You slowly begin to fuck my mouth, in and out while I look at you with eyes of lust and passion. You turn so that you are laying down then you pull me so that I am on top, you tell me to continue sucking his cock and I feel your tongue delve into my pussy and also your fingers. You’re fucking me with your fingers and sucking my clit… faster and faster, the friction on my clit is overwhelming. It makes me suck you faster also, I feel my cum ready to explode… you feel it too so you work harder. I cum and as I do, you drink my cum but then you bite my clit… the purest blood. I scream from pleasure and pain… you cum hard as you continue to feast on my blood then you cut yourself as close as you can near your cock so that I may swallow your cum then drink your blood.
The ground shakes, we have completed our union and so the dark world is accepting the new line of succession… there is now a dark Queen and King to rule over the Carpathians and the ever growing dark world.










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